San Antonio Review

SAR Issue 3 Front Cover SAR Issue 3 Back Cover

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Issue Three features:

How to Swim with Dolphins | Jennifer Hill 
If Someone Says Catalina | Margot Kahn 
The Falls | Larry Smith 
Giving the Finger to Mr. Death | Larry Smith 
Mingo Dreaming | Larry Smith 
The River | Larry Smith 
Waiting for the Coming Storm | David Prather 
Banff | Joyce Schmid 
Flight to Managua | Neysa King 
The Tree Line Distant and Still | Nicolas Visconti 
Two Covid-19 Poems | Alan Altimont, Ph.D. 
Kings in Exile | Robert Mcguill 
Getting It down | Anna Schott 
Santa Always Blows His Cover | Alex Z. Salinas 
Remember Goliad | Luke Neftali Villafranca 
Treehouse | John Bonanni 
Three Steaks and You’re out | Schuyler Bishop 
Outside My Box | Kerry Hugins 
Seashell Translations | Kerry Hugins 
Poppie | Kerry Hugins 
Please Kick Me | John Weik 
Rigid and Strong | John Weik 
Reprimand | John Weik 
Eliza’s Austin | Eliza Gandy 
Jump on the Water | Emanuela Franco 
Jaguar | Christine Sloan Stoddard 
Let’s Live Here | Molly Knobloch 
Candy Dreams | Molly Knobloch 
Winter Swimming | Molly Knobloch 
2019 Birthday Lecture: The Countercultural Vision of History | Peter Berard, Ph.D. 
My Knees, Anthony Bourdain and Depression | Rich Furman, Ph.D. 
Solidarity | Kimberly Tolson 
Children | John Bonanni 
Team of Mules | Gregory Stephens 
Interview with John Whitbourn | Peter Berard, Ph.D. 
Two Takes on Charles Marohn's Strong Towns | Russell Arben Fox, Ph.D. 
Warring Warbles Within | William O. Pate II 
A Worker’s Worth | William O. Pate II 
More Poetry 
Box | Stephen Roger Powers 
A Long Way from Underground | Stephen Roger Powers 
My Gallery | Sandeep Kumar Mishra 
Other Little Brother | Tom C. Hunley 
Special | Tom C. Hunley 
Dirty Looks | Tom C. Hunley 
A Lost Colleague | David A. Grenardo 
You Will Not | David A. Grenardo 
The Grass Is Never Greener | John Patrick Robbins 
His Hands | Br. Tom Giardino, S.M. 
Song for Daniel | Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal 
“How Do You Know You Can Do Better?” | Ace Boggess 
All Good Things 
and more!